Book Review: Mud & Poetry

I just finished Tyler Blanski’s Mud & Poetry this weekend. I actually read the last 10 pages by candle light in my parents’ house (which was out of power, thanks to a major… Continue reading

New Authors: Tyler Blanski

Tuesday night, I met my former writing professor and mentor at the Coffee Grounds in Falcon Heights. I enjoyed the scent of fresh espresso, the echo of chairs being scrapped against the hardwood… Continue reading

Movie Review: Boy A

Well, it seems as though the movie theme has yet to end. About a week ago, my boyfriend and I watched a movie he’d picked up from the library: Boy A. It’s a… Continue reading

Movie Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since I last posted. Hopefully, I can catch up with the blog posts I have in mind. A day or two after I watched Changeling, I rented… Continue reading

Movie Review: Changeling

Changeling: based on a true story about a woman whose boy went missing in 1928. The plot line, as far as I can tell, remains pretty accurate to the true story, the script writer claiming that he “spent a year researching the historical record; he said he drew 95% of the script from around 6,000 pages of documentation.” Which makes the movie’s many layers—emotions of a woman with a missing son, pride of a police force, fear of little boys, a sociopathic murderer, anger of seeing injustice—even more painful yet powerful. It’s amazing what every person in this story went through. I cannot even imagine.

Havens – Appreciating Nature

It is this small clearing in the middle of the park that fills my heart with appreciation for nature. My secret haven in which I can enjoy authors’ words or ideas and write my own. How thoughtful God was in creating such places—and kind to preserve them despite our attempts to snuff out that which He created for us to enjoy.

Hello world!

Well, after a week of setting up this thing, welcome to my blog! I finally joined got on the wagon. It actually came about, not because of my former roommates just started blogs… Continue reading