O’ Holy Night

I recognize that Christmas is over and that today is a day usually spent remembering the past year and thinking about the year to come. But I wanted to take a moment to… Continue reading

Cultural Grooming

I was recently sent a link to a new Nicky Minaj video by a fellow abolitionist. He shared with me how he had heard this song multiple times, but only once he watched… Continue reading

How this pro-life, stay-at-home mom became a feminist.

Originally posted on diary of a bewildered mother:
Hi there! Yes, it’s been ages since I’ve updated this blog. Apart from child-rearing, writing, editing, designing, and (sometimes) housework, I don’t have time to…

Sexual Violence Infographics

I have been really into infographics lately; probably because I love data and I love making data come out in creative ways to make a point. So, I thought I’d share some infographs… Continue reading

Sex: Our Greatest Natural Resource by Tyler Blanski

Sex: Our Greatest Natural Resource by Tyler Blanski Today, I want to highlight a wonderful article written by Tyler Blanski and published at Crisis Magazine. I had the privilege of meeting Tyler years… Continue reading

Pursue Justice

You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God,… Continue reading

Recap: Civilian First Responder Training

April 5 was the Civilian First Responder training in Minneapolis. Becky McDonald, founder of Women At Risk (WAR) International, was our key note speaker, giving us three sessions about trafficking. As a leading member of… Continue reading

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month or SAAM. Last year, I made some personal goals to increase my own awareness related to sexual violence, specifically sexual exploitation. I read through Girls Like… Continue reading

April 5: Local Civilian Training on How to Respond to Trafficking

April 5: Local Civilian Training on How to Respond to Trafficking Just wanting to make sure my Minnesota readers are aware of an event coming up this Saturday. Each day, hundreds of women… Continue reading


Well, I guess this is what happens when you start moving into your calling—you only have so much time in the day, week, month, year that some things get put on the backburner—like… Continue reading