Living in the Twin Cities, MN, working for a large local nonprofit and having grown up in the church, I have a heart to see my community grow in its understanding of sexuality—both through redeemed, holistic sexuality and through recognizing the immense amount of sexual violence and abuse that is going on in our world.

As a part of this passion, I am adamant about debunking all of the lies and misunderstandings our culture has placed around the area of sexual violence. I have come to know so many women and girls who were victimized and re-victimized by men and women—including men and women of faith.

So, instead of allowing people to continue in ignorance, I am proclaiming to the world what these women and girls (and boys) are experiencing so that people can understand and, hopefully, see them as the amazingly beautiful and valuable individuals they are.

Please know that I strive to learn about these topics. I would not claim to be an expert. I just want to do more with what I learn—I want to regurgitate them to the world so that they can learn also.

Please also note that this blog tends to utilize many different avenues to discuss issues about sexuality, including event recaps, reposting articles, reviewing media, and so forth.