April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month or SAAM. Last year, I made some personal goals to increase my own awareness related to sexual violence, specifically sexual exploitation. I read through Girls Like Us and posted blogs as I completed different chapters (though, I admit, I did not blog about all of them). This year, my month is already filled with various things related to awareness and combating trafficking. Tomorrow, I am going to the Civilian First Responders Training – a training about how to identify and report trafficking. Next week, I am going to my organization’s headquarters in Chicago to be a part of a territorial-wide Anti-Trafficking Task Force. The following week, I have a Human Trafficking Coalition meeting. I am also doing some side work for an anti-trafficking group in LA. I am also planning to read Rid of My Disgrace, Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault. And, I may even start working on a book idea that’s been on my heart. What are you doing to increase your’s and others’ awareness of sexual violence?