Well, I guess this is what happens when you start moving into your calling—you only have so much time in the day, week, month, year that some things get put on the backburner—like blogging. But, here I am, yet again, trying to start up this blog.

Welcome to the new design.

I was inspired by the plethora of requests for resources on the topic of sexual exploitation and trafficking. Hopefully, this new design will be useful for those of you who like resources. I will be slowly adding to that page, as well as others, as I become aware of more resources. Feel free to contact me if you ever see an error or if you are aware of additional resources. But please note that I focus on the Twin Cities and Minnesota when it comes to any organizations—simply because I cannot highlight everyone in the world who is involved in these two topics!

You will (hopefully) also notice an increase in blog posts that move beyond the topic if sexual exploitation.  While this is a topic I am very passionate about and have become increasingly involved in combating, I want to do some more writing and reflection on the broader topics of sexual violence and healthy sexuality.

Some personal updates for those of you who follow this blog because you know me personally or professionally:

      1. I am now a [leading] member of a Christian coalition that is combating trafficking. You will probably see me promote events and share reflections as I learn from this group.
      2. My anti-trafficking network is growing. I have an opportunity to travel to Chicago in April to meet other individuals from my nonprofit who are passionate about this topic.
      3. I made a personal commitment to start working on a book (though it has now become a series of books) related to the topics of healthy sexuality and abuse/sexual violence. This is part of why my blogs will hopefully move to broader topics.
      4. I continue to pursue learning and growing opportunities in these areas with the hope of not only saturating in the knowledge I gain, but also sharing it with others.

As we move into April which is Sexual Violence Awareness Month, I hope you will join me in considering ways in which you can become more aware of the issues surrounding sexual violence and continue to stand for the dignity, restoration and respect of victims.