Demand Change Project Recap

Hello readers. I apologize for the extreme delay in blogging about the Demand Change Project which happened last weekend, May 3-4 in St. Paul. Life’s been very very busy recently, but I’m going to try to blog about the different topics and sessions I attended at the conference.

But first, a little summary.

The weekend was amazing! There was so much energy. Everyone seemed to be feeding off each other’s energy and getting pumped up to really make a change.

There was A LOT of information provided about survivors, about terminology, about johns, about pimps (including a Q&A with a former pimp speak), about porn, about the integration of sexual exploitation and violence against women. So, I’ll have plenty to write about over the next few weeks as I process all of it.

But today, I did want to share a few photos from the weekend. One of the activities we participated in was a “silent protest”…that is, we weren’t allowed to be very loud, but we could hold signs and walk around the warehouse district of Minneapolis in protest against the strip clubs…which are avenues into sexual exploitation. Three survivors shared their stories…which included working at a strip club. It was very powerful.

Survivors sharing their story

Survivors sharing their story




More photos are available on Breaking Free’s Facebook.

More to come, I promise.