Sex-Trafficking Ring Bust in St. Paul

Today, the Star Tribune posted an article about the “Evil’ sex-trafficking ring busted in St. Paul”. It’s exciting to me whenever the authorities take the time to look into cases like this one and actually help end the cycle of domestic sex-trafficking. This particular group was a family-run organization targeting young women, most under the age of 18. The article even states:

One victim told authorities that the brothers would target “women who are mentally slow and/or vulnerable and recruit them into prostitution,” according to the charges.

The traffickers also recruited locally, targeting girls in the same neighborhood:

A woman e-mailed police in October and said her 15-year-old granddaughter had been targeted in July by a group of sex-traffickers in the 600 block of E. Hawthorne Avenue, where “a number of women [were] being sold for sex.” Robert Washington lives at this residence.

It’s a good reminder that local girls are being bought and sold by local pimps—who are often family members and neighbors.

Thank God for Ramsey County, the St. Paul Task Force and the Women’s Foundation who are fighting to save these girls.