Hello world!

Well, after a week of setting up this thing, welcome to my blog! I finally joined got on the wagon.

It actually came about, not because of my former roommates just started blogs in the last 2 weeks (ironic we all felt the urge independently), but because of a random hallway conversation with my colleague at my current temp job. A colleague of mine came over to ask how to do some Photoshop editing for an image he was putting together—simple fading and arranging of images. After some conversation, he explained to me that he was creating this collage for a blog. “Publish or perish,” is what he said.

Now, you might think, “Oh, she suddenly realized her finite nature and wanted to create some public thumbprint.” But it’s not really like that. What my colleague made me remember is all the advice I had been given by professors and authors on preparing for my writing career. 1) Write often. 2) Start by publishing small things. 3) Have a web presence. Simple solution = blog.

So here I am, trying to figure out where to start. The first hurdle was figuring out what to write about on this blog. I could make it be mostly literary or personal or about my career search or general opinions. But I couldn’t decide. And since this is one my first “serious” blogs, I am going to leave the topic box open so that I can see what develops.

I guess, I could begin by explaining the name of the blog: Reflections in Red. I probably spent 4 hours trying to think of a name for my blog. I went through a lot of different renditions, found out that most of them had already been taken by other, cooler people than myself. But then I started thinking of things I like, such as the color red. I also thought of what I love writing about: musings, thoughts, memories. That’s where the word “reflection” came in. Voilà: Reflections in Red was birthed.

So, check back in a couple days. I will be including much more interesting postings about things I’m reading, what I’m learning at my temp job, opinions and other reflections I have. I already have a plethora that I want to pull from. Hopefully, you’ll be entertained.